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Re: Beacon St

Originally Posted by millerm277 View Post
I view it as the "big" mirror of Boylston across Back Bay, and with the one-ways and flows around the Public Garden/Common, I think that's valid.
Back St and Marlborough St are one way the same direction as Boylston but closer to Beacon.

- Redesigning the Storrow ramps by the Public Garden/Common and the traffic flows around the Public Garden/Common.
I don't think there's really much need to redesign much of anything related to Storrow. If Beacon is made two way from Mass Ave to Charles St, then left turns should probably be allowed toward Storrow in the vicinity of Arlington St, but that's probably about all that needs to change regarding Storrow / Beacon interaction.

- Major alterations to Kenmore, and probably reconsidering the role of some of the side streets like Bay State Rd.
Kenmore's not something I'd been thinking about, and it might make a lot of sense for phase 1 of making Beacon two way to only deal with the Mass Ave to Charles St section. Changing only the part east of Mass Ave avoids the complexity of having automobiles approaching the Mass Ave / Beacon St intersection from more directions, and it avoids having to deal with the Kenmore intersection. And to further simplify things, allowing right turns from Mass Ave northbound to Beacon eastbound but not left turns from Mass Ave southbound to Beacon eastbound, especially at first, might make sense.
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