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Re: Green Line Extension to Medford & Union Sq

Big Update on GLX Phase II (from College Ave to a new terminus at Mystic Valley Parkway)

The deal was that they were taking $169m of Federal CMAQ money from 2017 - 2022, that had been earmarked for the MVP terminus, and reallocated it to cover overruns in Phase I of the GLX (Lechmere - Union Sq/Collge Ave)

This was a good deal all around, really:
- Pushing MVP into phase II was better than letting NIMBYs kill it.
- Delay will allow the NIMBYs to age-out of the neighborhood and be replaced by pro-transit newcomers; persuadable NIMBYs will hopefully see the GLX open and be won over as converts.
- Unreaslistic to think they coulda spent the $169m until Phase I was underway
- Once College Ave is open everything should lock quickly into place for MVP

As part of this deal, two things were promised:
1) That Federal CMAQ money beyond 2022 (say, 2022 to 2027) would be earmarked to constructing the tracks and new terminal at Mystic Valley Parkway (on the Somerville / Medford line on parcels mostly owned by Tufts)

2) That in 2017 to 2022 planning and design would continue on the MVP station so that it would be "shovel ready" in 2022.

So they have, in fact, delivered on the planning for 2017, delivering a 24 Page PDF as a Notice of Project Change (just today) and planning hearings for November 2017.

The biggest change that I can see is simply that the MVP terminus has been subjected to the same value engineering that, in the rest of the GLX, resulted in barrier-free, single-level station with a minimum of structure and shelter.

The NPC summarizes the design changes like this (bolding is mine)
MassDOT and the MBTA recently reevaluated the conceptual design of the proposed Mystic ValleyvParkway Station to match the recent design changes proposed for the Green Line Extension fromvLechmere Station to College Avenue, as well as to minimize property impacts.

As described in thevJanuary 2017 NPC for the core Project, many of the station design elements were modified to reducevanticipated costs while maintaining core functionality and benefits. MassDOT and the MBTA propose the following changes to the conceptual design of Mystic Valley Parkway Station:

Lower Green Line tracks from Commuter Rail level to street level to provide full platform access via a single-story terminal station. This redesign would eliminate the need for elevators, escalators, and stairs in this location, and reduce long-term station life-cycle and maintenance costs.
Replace the canopy with multiple pre-fabricated weather shelters along the station platform.
• Construct pedestrian grade crossings for access to the low-level platforms.
Increase capacity for bicycle parking to 120 spaces in a secure storage enclosure (a “pedal & park” facility.)
Remove all customer parking from the station design.
Add an electrical substation (location to be determined) to provide additional traction power capacity, identified by the Green Line Extension Project since the 2009 DEIR.
Shift station access drive north to reduce impacts to an adjacent business located at 200 Boston Avenue in Medford.(Approximately 84 surface parking spaces at 196 and 200 Boston Avenue could be impacted by the
proposed improvements, which would be replaced at a location to be determined.)
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