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Re: Green Line Extension to Medford & Union Sq

Ken Krause has posted a video shot from the Lowell Line (wrong-railing it outbound on the inbound Lowell track) through Medford from after the future Ball Sq (not shown) to past the future Tufts Sta.

The "pre-work" is technically Commuter Rail work:
1) moving the CR to the (compass) northeast to create two track's worth of space on the southwest side.
2) Adding an interlocking near the work's outermost end (end of the video)

Video begins at Harvard St (the blue Tufts Science & Technology Center)
ends at the back of the red house at 113 Burget Ave

The future GLX will be approximately where the CR train is actually running at the moment of filming, while today's outbound CR track (seen empty in the video) is either in the "slot" that will carry the GLX outbound or the future CR inbound the dividing line moves around to accommodate stations.

The goal of the pre-work is to move the CR tracks into the part of the right of way that you see being prepared with widening, retaining walls and ballast
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