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Originally Posted by ablarc
Originally Posted by DarkFenX
I really think that South Boston waterfront should become the new entertainment district that includes hotels, a mall, convention center, movie theater, digital billboards, restaurants, and other attraction. In another word, Boston's own 24-hr district,
A portion should be zoned for adult entertainment. Liven things up a bit in the Seaport, and give those conventioneers something to do. Who knows: maybe even the sailors will want to come back.
Ablarc, you're remarks may be in jest, but I lean toward DarkFen's ideas too. Boston could use more nightlife and both the city and state could use the revenue it would generate. From an architectural and urban planning standpoint, the area as a whole is probably already beyond redemption, at least in the style of old Boston. A modern urban area with interesting sidewalk activity and entertainment venues could be attractive in its own way and is the probably the best that can be hoped for at this point. A smallish casino and later closing times would help enliven the area as well.
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