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Re: Worst Empty Parcel

Originally Posted by ablarc View Post
bostonbred, in this posooner or later).now wallowing in genuine hogwash.
IAM agreink that . BUT NOT WAS HOG IN THE OPEN. am nowing frend who take leek under bridge cuz TEETHS FLOATING. Copman ARREST HIM for the indelicate exposures. HE NOW REGISTER SEX OFENDER
SO. governorment certifyed GRADE A+ PERVERT. just becuase of this piss. NOT even washing the hog

So iam making the point HERE. You washing your HOG in empy space you need GIRL FREND. otherwisethis making all emty parcels WORST!!! Iam hopping you LEARN from thes mistaks.
"An ignorant of history is a fool to repeat it"!!!
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