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Re: batteries

Originally Posted by Joel N. Weber II View Post
EMUs have traction motors installed in the trucks. Actual low hanging fruit would be to figure out how to also install Tesla battery packs in the trucks, and replace the trucks on all of the existing coaches so that the entire fleet becomes battery EMUs.
No. You cannot add features, cost, and risk to the low-hanging fruit and still call it low hanging. Low hanging fruit hangs low precisely because it taps things that are low cost & low risk (off the shelf, quick to deploy) to produce large, fast, predictable returns.

To schmessy's question there are two answers:

1) Organization before Signals/Electronics before Concrete.
Transitmatters has rightly put organization first and electronics second. Simply perfecting the quick turn is organization. Running faster creates free trainsets. Using the electricity we already have should appeal to all but the most concrete-happy advocates

2) Frequency is the leading attribute, not through running.

SEPTA has through running but not frequency. They got it wrong. Go Transit (Toronto) created a win with added frequency (and I think it all terminates at Union Station, rather than running through, doesn't it?)

If you can get increased frequency and shorter trip times with faster acceleration (electrification) and shorter dwells (high platforms, all-door boarding), you SHOULD. The imperative is to deliver all the mobility you can as soon as you can.

As I read it, Transit Matters knows that the payback on electric/platform/frequency/all-day is much faster, AND ALSO builds pressure for and speeds the payback for NSRL (if NSRL is built first, it will be a long time before there are enough through-running electrics to look like it was a good deal. Unlike the Central Artery, a shiny new NSRL can't fill with users without electrified lines feeding into it.)
"Trying to solve congestion by making roadways wider is like trying to solve obesity by buying bigger pants."--Charles Marohn

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