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Re: 115 Winthrop Square | Financial District

Originally Posted by JumboBuc View Post
But the max was always 700 feet. 775 was never in the cards; all it did was get people opposed to the project even more riled up. Pushing for the max is pushing for 700 ft.

I'm not saying start at 775 then cut it down to 700 right away to please the FAA. I'm saying start at 700 and never even mention 775.

What makes you think that they would have needed to give up more in the shadow dispute if they had started at 700 instead of 775? That doesn't make any sense. If they could get 775 through the shadow dispute than they surely could have gotten 700 through. And they likely could have done it more easily. We saw that 775 wasn't cut down at all (by NIMBYs / shadow police) but you're saying that the NIMBYs would have cut 700 down to 600?
I'm sorry but have you been paying attention to the tactics of NIMBY loonies over the past 40 years? Whatever you start your initial proposal at, from 775 feet to 200ft, these people who have nothing else going on in their lives go balls to the wall to get a height reduction and their names in the paper. The developer had no certainty that 775 wouldn't have been cut down as they went through the process first with the city and then the state, not for any legitimate reason but just to give somebody a "win" like Galvin for example. The fact that 775 survived this long is astounding, frankly, and again shows good negotiating tactics by the developer. Too often they're too quick to start reducing height, only to find out even that gesture isn't good enough.

Again, you don't negotiate against yourself, especially when the opposition is insane.
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