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the Dec 15th update:
Progress is being made and un-made as site prep work continues and unforeseen conditions are encountered
The Jan 9 Update
Lots of work with BIG pipes [up to 30" diameter chilled water lines] and electrical ducts

MIT.nano - 2 week look ahead - January 12 - January 30, 2015

ACTIVITY Interior / Exterior Work Zone

1 Interior Bldg. 4 Cut and cap existing utilities to prepare for bridge removal
2 Interior Bldg. 8 Utility work for construction support services
3 Interior Bldg. 12 Selective demolition and abatement
4 Interior Bldg. 13 Installation of electrical infrastructure for relocated vehicle access gate
5 Interior Bldg. 24 Cut and cap existing utilities to prepare for bridge removal
6 Interior Bldg. 26 existing areaway install CHW main insulation and metering
7 Exterior A Install new 16" CHW main, temp. medium voltage feed / expand MH29
8 Exterior B Electrical ductbank - excavation/SOE - conduit installation
9 Exterior C Excavation and installation SOE for new CHW and FP mains, relocate hydrant
10 Exterior D Excavation and installation of 30" CHW lines
11 Exterior E Excavation and installation of 30" CHW lines
12 Exterior F Install new 16" CHW main, temp. medium voltage feed / expand MH29
13 Exterior H Misc. landscape due FP main install and repair
14 Exterior I Construction trailers in Main Lot - Install temp. utility infrastructure
Getting ready for the first visible demolition the removal of the pedestrian bridges at the 2nd level that connect building 12 to the main complex via Bldg 4, and to the Vassar St. complex via Bldg 24

A recent example of the Nano World:
Detecting gases wirelessly and cheaply
New sensor can transmit information on hazardous chemicals or food spoilage to a smartphone.

MIT chemists have devised a new way to wirelessly detect hazardous gases and environmental pollutants, using a simple sensor that can be read by a smartphone.

More on what is being built on the Macro-scale -- i.e. the MIT.nano building itself -- layer by layer:

Maker spaces

Outfitted with tools to translate the ideas developed in MIT.nano into prototypes and handheld demos.

Upper & lower clean rooms

Two pristine, particle-free environments— each two stories tall and optimized for energy, airflow, and future flexibility—for the design and fabrication of micro- and nanoscale structures.

Nanoscale imaging

MIT’s “quietest” space for nanoscale viewing, optimized for imaging with low vibration and low electromagnetic interference.

click here for a full sized image of the building functional layers

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