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Re: Biking in Boston

Gah, I never really liked the notion of rail trails just because it makes it so hard to get a rail line running again if the ROW is used for cyclists. There's room for compromise (as czsz pointed out), but it's tough to pull off. Widening the ROW can be a real pain if it goes through a crowded area (although in that instance, it might be worthwhile to just submerge the rail line).

Here's a thought, though: since a lot of rail trails are in sparsely populated areas and are used by recreational bikers instead of commuters, why not just create an entirely new trail for them? It could still be quite flat, and still be in the middle of nowhere, and it wouldn't have to eliminate a rail line to be built. Any rail corridor in the state could someday be rebuilt (hopefully soon, since a statewide regional rail system would do wonders towards energy independence and smart growth).
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