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Re: 2/28/18: Thank You TransitMatters for a Bold and Practical Vision

Originally Posted by ErnieAdams View Post
I would have loved to see an appendix with data supporting the notion that trains can be turned faster at South Station. Where this group has had its greatest successes (scrapping the Auburndale design and re-timing the Park Street release come to mind), it's been able to point to incontrovertible data saying either "this will make things worse" or "there is a better way to do this than we're doing now". They mentioned that faster turns happen at outer terminals than at South Station, but that seems to make intuitive sense if only because of smaller boarding/alighting numbers. Unfortunately the point about turns wasn't strongly supported in the report, so naturally the kneejerk response from the T was "we think we're doing it as fast as we can." If something is forthcoming to prove that that's not the case, it follows that there would be actual movement on this, because the powers that be would truly have no other choice.

That said, a solid start to the conversation, with all kudos due for getting the conversation going before the state has had a chance to deliver a dud.
Are these the same folks that provided data showing a single E-line train was holding everything up at night and the MBTA responded with "impossible"?
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