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Originally Posted by datadyne007 View Post
Hey there. I'm the lead board member/project coordinator (and also graphic designer) for the Regional Rail campaign. Henry basically summed it up. All of us support NSRL, but don't want this new business model to get bogged down by one controversial capital project. This is an over-arching widespread vision for a vast modernization & rethinking of Commuter Rail and not about singular capital projects. You can have Regional Rail network with the 5 critical components we outline (below) without having the NSRL, which is the point the report/executive summary makes. You can do electrification, high platforms, fare integration, double tracking & more frequent service without the NSRL and have a pretty decent Regional Rail network just with not as frequent service or convenient transfers. Ultimately, the NSRL is the key to unlocking the full potential of Regional Rail, but we could not go all in on it if we wanted it to be taken seriously by the people who matter in the MA Government. Earlier versions of the report leaned on NSRL and it was received rather negatively by key stakeholders who wanted to support us. As a result of the changes/toned-down language, they are content with the report now.

Tip o' the hat to you, Data. Incredible work. And it's exciting to see you folks are playing your cards smartly enough to have gained a foothold with the powers that be. It's easy for someone like me here to jabber into the wind. You are actually making inroads. Keep it up!

My only concern was with the last paragraph of the Globe story:

"Itís also unclear whether the T would have enough room for all these trains. TransitMatters suggested the T could boost capacity at an already crowded South Station by turning trains around every 13 to 20 minutes. The T says it is already hitting that turnaround rate during peak periods with most trains, but TransitMatters believes thereís still room for improvement."

The reply by the T in that paragraph seems to indicate they don't share the same level of concern.

(BTW, I thought the human biology analogy was outstanding - - re the muscles, blood vessels, heart, etc. - - - but "in that vein" wouldn't the North-South Aortal Blockage be an ultimately fatal condition? )

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