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Re: What's Happening With Project X?

That and one devonshire are RIPE for facadectomies. Not the “blue glass is better than what was there before” kind necessarily either, although its not untrue here too. Id like to see some daring reclads go down that come out incredible. That would be awesome. One devonshire is a substantial tower, so adding some modern very very nice cladding to it would be great.

I do like one post office sq’s reclad with the red cross bracing, even tho its... blue glass, and although I liked it better with the crown I think its a huge improvement and we still dont have much glass...yet. If the revere and one dev are also reclad there really wouldnt be any turds left anymore and wed still have the wide ranging pallette to the skyline. At that time well have all our u/c towers completed too and itd be a huge improvement. One can hope..
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