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Re: MBTA Bus & BRT

My understanding is that the T has roughly 1100 buses, and only expects about 750 of those to be in revenue service during the weekday peak, which seems to indicate that we expect roughly 350 buses, or about 1/3 of the buses, to be broken at any given time.

While I'm sure the MBTA's buses have a more difficult life than the typical privately owned automobile, I'm also under the impression that Amtrak manages to get its long distance rolling stock to run more hours of the month more reliably than the T's buses.

Does the T have any New Flyer buses that haven't run in revenue service in months that could be overhauled well enough to get another four or five years out of them in a manner that would end up being more cost effective than a complete replacement?

If we simply scrapped the 200 or so worst buses to reduce the fleet to 900 buses, we'd only need to achieve about 84% availability to have 750 working buses. I don't know whether that 84% can be reached or not, but it might be worthwhile to look at whether there are reasonable steps that could be taken towards that goal before ordering more buses.

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