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Re: new buses

Originally Posted by millerm277 View Post
They apparently haven't been very happy with them, and there's other agencies piloting them with similar gripes mentioned in the article:

"In Massachusetts, two agencies running small numbers of electric buses - the Pioneer Valley Transit Authority in Springfield and Worcester’s Regional Transit Authority - say the vehicles weaken in extreme cold and snow. They have no plans to acquire additional EVs, officials at those agencies said."
I'm not sure the article you cite is necessarily objective. Worcester may not have any immediate plans to buy more pure EV buses at the moment, but do they have any plans to buy any more buses at all right now? Why doesn't that article indicate whether Worcester has any plans to buy any buses with diesel engines in the future? discusses how PR works, and if it turns out that New Flyer's EV buses aren't as good as Proterra's (which doesn't seem terribly implausible when Proterra is claiming EV buses aren't any more expensive than diesel and New Flyer isn't) and if New Flyer wants to portray things in the way that would best help their sales figures, it seems like that Reuters article would be what New Flyer would want out there.


Providing the Worcester community with cleaner air, fuel conservation and maintenance cost savings, the Proterra transit EVs replaced traditional dirty diesel buses and were put in service just prior to one of the worst winters on record took hold Dec. 2014-March 2015.

Faced with 39 straight days of sub-freezing temperatures, with an average of 14˚F, and a total snowfall of 115.6 inches, WRTA successfully operated their Proterra buses in normal service during this period. Accumulating more than 27,000 miles,
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