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Re: Logan Flight Additions

Three continents down, four more to go....

Tuesday, November 27, 2007 - 4:43 PM EST
Logan will get direct air service to China
Boston Business Journal - by Naomi R. Kooker Journal staff

Boston will have direct flights to China sometime in 2009 through Grand China Air.

Grand China Air, the rebranded name of Hainan Airlines Group, plans to fly directly from Boston's Logan International Airport to Beijing, according to Eugene Hartigan, a member of the Governor's Commission on Asian American Affairs.

The service will be non-stop 13-hour, 20-minute flights on Boeing 787 planes. The service hinges on Boeing delivering the aircraft on time, said Hartigan, who owns and operates GB Group, an international business consulting group.

The start date and frequency are still up in the air, though it is scheduled to begin sometime in 2009.

Naomi R. Kooker can be reached at
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