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Re: Boston - Most Embarrassing Blight That Tourists See

Originally Posted by KentXie View Post
What you just said shows that the plaza is not the problem but the structure itself. Like you said, the plaza can be fixed to attract visitors by having a ice skating rink or doing shows. The structure itself is ugly. The brutalist style itself is meant to represent cold and quiet power. Nothing can be done to the structure itself that will attract visitors to visit it. The plaza attracts visitors (when there's an event going on), not the building, which unfortunately also means that tourists gets a close up view of this deteriorating structure.
I disagree. The structure isn't perfect, but with better maintenance and some slight, subtle modifications on the ground level targeted at improving the pedestrian experience, it can be an appealing, inviting attraction in and of itself. The issue with city hall is not the appearance or architectural style, it's the surroundings and pedestrian engagement. The worst part of the building itself is the garage entrance and blank brick wall along Congress. If you were able to replace that with an airy glass retail corridor, it would both compliment the building's architectural strengths and make that facade more inviting.

The success of parts of the plaza in drawing crowds to enjoy the space (particularly the Lawn, Patio, and head house areas on the south side) goes to show that building isn't the problem. It's the plaza. Unless there's an event, it's a foreboding, desolate wasteland.
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