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Re: The Hub on Causeway (née TD Garden Towers) | 80 Causeway Street | West End

Originally Posted by BosDevelop View Post
Is it possible the transitions to the next phases are not going to be as seamless as we all had hoped for? If the same workers continue to lay more steel on top of these buildings without missing a beat, I agree it's a bit strange to hold a topping off ceremony now. I am just nervous there will be some period of time between the completion of these podiums and the start of the tower.
I think it doesn't even necessarily means that phase transition is not seamless, just that there IS a phase transition. They organized this in phases for a reason - they want the option to stop/delay if it makes sense to.

A construction project is an entity to itself, independent of the building that will stand there when construction ends. Building teams and management teams are formed and dissolved with each project. The 3 phases of this are related in that the are literally on top of each other and and will look like all one building when complete, but they aren't necessarily related programatically. The same workers, management, etc from Phase 1 may or may not work on Phase 2. Or they may. Clearly, Phase 1 - a construction project and a building in its own right - has passed a significant milestone. Cheers to them.
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