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Re: Biking in Boston

Originally Posted by sidewalks View Post
Even if every office were retrofitted for showers and there were a bike rack on every street corner, biking would still be impractical for the vast, vast majority of commuters in Boston.
I mentioned in my post about City Hall that in re-imagining it they should make it a city center. That includes showers and lockers for bike and personnel belongings. How about taking this one step further. When North Station and South Station and eventually Back Bay(the T talked about developing this site about 25yrs ago) are redeveloped add bike facilities. We can look at Chicago to see how it's done. There is talk of a bike rental program starting in Boston, this would tie in well if we had bike facilities as another component of our inter modal facilities. Maybe the city can encourage the medical areas to add joint facilities. Encourage the Universities too when the present tier 10 year master plans.
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