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Re: Biking in Boston

Originally Posted by sidewalks View Post
biking would still be impractical for the vast, vast majority of commuters in Boston.

Those luxuries don't apply to most people.
And yet you continue failing to explain why not.

The busiest transit line is the green line. People living in Alston can quickly bike (probably faster) to back bay. The busiest bus line is the 39, again, anyone living along the toure could quickly reach back bay.

Boston is flat. Boston is extremely condensed. Boston has a clear spine and financial district- its obvious where people want to go.

So how is it impractical?

I assume youre talking about the people in Belmont and Nattick who commute into the city? Of course it's not practical for them to bike the entire way. It is however practical to train to north or south station and take a bike from there. Now, they must provide their own. Next year, they can rent one. Guess what incentive will make them switch to bike?

Infrastructure / safety.

Although I don concede that youre correct in one respect: Bikes will not constitute the majority. However, Im talking about 10-30%.
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