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Re: Biking in Boston

Originally Posted by jass View Post
Driving is not a right.
Damn straight.

We've spent the last 50 years adjusting our cities for cars at the expense of the person. It's time to level the playing field.

I met a guy at a transit meeting who thought all roads should be torn up and everyone should bike everywhere. I thought he was kidding until I realized he wasn't. This is just as stupid as saying everyone should drive everywhere. If you want better traffic and a better quality of life you need a balanced transportation network.

Cars are great and should not be done away with; only our total reliance on them needs to go. Sure biking in bad weather is going to turn a lot of people off of biking but that doesn't mean that we should not accommodate them since THERE IS NICE WEATHER TOO! Having a balanced network accounts for this. Weather bad? More people can take transit or car traffic will go up a bit. Then on nice days it switches back.
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