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Re: Move from new to existing devs

Ill just go on record saying I completely support davem's structure for the Boston portion. There needs to be organization at minimum between proposed/UC and completed/existing. I would argue to go even further and break up proposed developments, U/C, completed (last 10 years), and existing (anything older than 10 years).

Finding threads on here is an absolute nightmare and people regularly can't remember if certain projects are proposed, U/C, or finished. This would really help the forum flow.

I'd even be willing to help out with the sorting. I've got experience admin'ing vB.

We also need to work on a standard "first post" for all new developments that keeps an up-to-date list of key statistics (program, size, height, floors, retail, PNF/NPC links) and renders. This requires the more members of the community to actually be involved and engaged. I think we definitely have people here with enough passion to help in this effort. Heck, I'm pretty sure DZH can tell you the height of any building built in the world in the last 10 years. I'd propose that a limited moderator team (named "info ambassadors" or something) should be created to regularly edit first/data posts to keep them up to date. I think this board could go from good to great with the community involved in a group effort to document Boston's development scene.
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