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Re: Harvard - Allston Campus

Originally Posted by dwash59 View Post
On the BPDA board agenda tonight, there was a PDA for part of Harvard's eventual Enterprise Research Campus. For some reason, odurandina thinks this has something to do with former train yards, but none of this proposal is on former train yards.

The architect on the board, Landsmark, criticizes Harvard for not bringing anything real to the board. He's right, Harvard just has a layout of the site, no real building plans. This project is Harvard's largest and they have a new president. He should be there describing their vision. Steve Jobs went to the Cupertino City Council to present the new Apple Campus. Why wouldn't Harvard's president be present to describe how they aim to develop this huge chunk of land?

The union guy on the board, Monahan, is supportive because he just wants jobs for his union and Harvard always hire union workers for their jobs.

I have no idea what the rest of this is about other than some weird belief by odurandina that Harvard is trying to court Amazon as a potential development partner when that is clearly not what they are doing.
Thanks, dwash!

Here's the Globe story on last night;
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