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Originally Posted by Blackdog View Post
Well you don't exactly have to copy the database, though that would obviously be the easiest. But it doesn't look like Briv will give us that access. We could make a bot that would go through every post, scraping the content of each post then posting that information into the new forum that Justin7 has created. The one big problem I can see with this method is that we wouldn't be able to post is by the correct user, they would all be posted by an administrator account. Maybe we could do something so that every post that is brought over from this bot would include like a signature or something that included the name of the person who posted it.
I don't think it would be necessary to go that far. I created this list of threads here with the idea that we might be able to start new threads with links back to the equivalent discussion here. Though obviously we would want to archive the content here somewhere else rather than just linking here.
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