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Re: How to post an image

Yes, thanks for your help in pointing out that there is a URL ending in .png if you isolate just the image. (I'd been assuming that there was a URL that didn't end in .png which was nevertheless a png or other well known graphics format file, which can happen since HTTP has a Content-Type field, but that turns out to have not been the issue here.)

Since the default screenshots of streetmix are huge, it looks like an effective approach to cutting them down using firefox and the netpbm package is to make a screenshot of the visible area, download that screenshot, run

$ pngtopnm 'Screenshot_2018-07-18 Mass Ave w of Pearl Streetmix.png' | pnmcut -top 30 -bottom -100 | pnmscale .5 | pnmtopng >MassAvewoPearl.png

open up the resulting png, take another screenshot, click on the happy face to get the default area, and then set that for indefinite retention and get the .png URL to paste into the img tag.

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