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Re: Board Decorum

I'll be blunt: Briv is the problem. He has total control of the forum but doesn't care enough to spend a few minutes setting new administrators, yet will not hand things over to someone who does care. Unless that changes this place isn't going to right itself.

If you're going to allow a bunch of barnyard animals to hang out in your living room, don't be surprised when everything is covered in shit.

Though I will say that the post that inspired this thread seemed like a light jab and a joke to me, but what do I know?
"You cannot take in a whole Boston street with a single glance of the eye and then lose your interest because you have thus taken the edge off future discovery; on the contrary, every step reveals some portion of a building which you could not see before, some change in your vista, and some suggestion of pleasant variety yet to come, which not only keeps your interest alive but heightens it and persuades you to go on."
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