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Re: Political postings

Why is Leland Chung running against Pat Jehlen for State Senate in Camb-Som-Med, and what makes him think he can win?

I can't find any serious policy differences

His campaign:
I am ME! I am fancy/famous/JFKschool/Cambridge. she's her boring old Somerville self. Vote for me because millennial fierce urgency of now.

Her campaign:
Teachers unions dig tenure and so should you. I will soon start benefitting from Seniority and Democrats should only expect competition in that first fight for an open seat. Primary challenges baffle me.

Any suggested basis for preferring one to the other?

I like Jehlen for her transport-urbanism (and seniority in shaking the money tree for bike-Ped improvements to DCR parkways and along the Mystic and can't see a upside to switching before she retires (she has announced for re-election)
"Trying to solve congestion by making roadways wider is like trying to solve obesity by buying bigger pants."--Charles Marohn

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