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Re: Move from new to existing devs

Originally Posted by briv View Post
^I really like that naming scheme a lot. The only change I would make is putting the project name first. I think it would be great for to adopt it for the development forum. Does anyone have any other thoughts on this?
Agreed, it would make searches MUCH easier too.

Also, going through the threads to categorize them I realized what a mess some of them are. I was never a fan of the big catchall neighborhood threads. I think they're good for general impressions of the area as a whole, but they always end up becoming dumping grounds for any everything big or small in the area. The neighborhood threads are also good for small infill projects that wouldn't necessarily warrant their own threads. BeeLine's South Boston updates come to mind as the sort of stuff that would fit into a "[neighborhood] Infill" thread. We'd probably need to define what sort of a project warrants in own thread and what belongs in a general infill thread.
Agreed on this as well. The Cambridge, Somerille, Brighton, Southie, etc., threads could be renamed "[Neighborhood] Infill Projects" for small-ish residential/commercial infill. Not sure what the upper limit on that should be.

I'm going to begin going through the threads and attempt to clean them up a bit by removing the big project's from the catchall neighborhood threads.
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