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Re: Fenway Center Phase I | ~775 Beacon St | Fenway

Originally Posted by FenwayResident View Post
You're right that some extra people would take the train if it were harder to find parking. But do you think someone from the South Shore would drive to the commuter rail station, take the commuter rail into SS, red line to park, then D line to Fenway instead of driving straight in? What about people coming from the North West? IMO it's naively optimistic to think people would take such a a roundabout way when they could drive instead. It's not good urban planning to put your head in the sand and ignore demand that exists.
Completely agree. I'm all for public transit but some people are overestimating the experience. With a family of 4, especially if you have young kids, you have to drive to a station 20 or so miles out and pay for parking, have your arrival and departure time dictated by the train schedule, then catch a connecting subway train once you get into the city to get to Fenway where you're usually packed in like cattle, then have to leave according to the train schedule to get you back home all the while paying for 4 train tickets.

Or, you can pay the 40 bucks and drive in yourself, thus being able to stay or leave as long as you wish, AND stop somewhere along the way on your way out of town if you'd like.

Thinking that preventing the construction of parking garages is going to stop people from driving to Fenway is foolhardy. A large portion of fans are always going to prefer that option.
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