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Re: Charlie Card/MBTA Fare Replacement system

Im very skeptical of MBTA AFC 2.0, but this puts things in perspective.

NJT appears to be thinking about a new fare system...which is more like Charlie than AFC 2.0
New York has the MetroCard, PATH has the SmartLink and it appears that NJ Transit commuters will likely end up with a fare card to call their own.

But not for several years. And how it will work is anyone's guess.

The first tests of the technology that will let commuters tap a card like they're buying a coffee at Starbucks won't begin until 2019, and only on buses.

Contractor Conduent Transport Solutions was hired Wednesday to upgrade NJ Transit's fare collection system, and part of that plan includes the fare card.

"We're going to re-engineer the ticket vending machine for additional fare collection options," said Michael Slack, NJ Transit's chief information officer. "One option is to get a fare card from a (ticket vending machine) and add value as you see fit, either in dollars or (rides)."

Cutting edge stuff.
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