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Re: Hall of Shame Nominees

Originally Posted by datadyne007 View Post
While Orange Line rolling stock is unpleasant now to ride on, it has withstood many years of use. I don't think it's fair to throw it into the Hall of Shame.

The reason the Orange Line is the last to get new rolling stock is because it was the last heavy-rail system to have ATC waypoints installed on the tracks. Now that the tracks and tracking system are up-to-date (this is what allows real-time data), new stock can be purchased. This is what the woman at the MBTA told me when I toured the OCC. She said they're expecting to purchase new stock in a few years.
As a daily (in the winter anyway) Orange Line commuter once I got over the 1-in-20 or so occurence of a frozen door, the orange line cars are not all that bad, aesthetic atrocities aside. On more than one occasion, seeing a rust freckled beast squeal into a station has led my mind to consider the maintenance that has gone into the millions of miles these have logged over the decades-- its pretty impressive actually, my hat is off to the clever men and women that keep these things held together.
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