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Re: Bulfinch Crossing Residential/Phase I GCG/50 New Sudbury/Boston

Originally Posted by JumboBuc View Post
Does this need its own thread? Why can't Bulfinch Crossing | Congress Street Garage | West End cover it?

These buildings will all be part of the same project on the same parcel. We don't have separate threads for each "Assembly Row" building/phase, or each "One Seaport Square" building, or each "Boston Landing" building/phase, or each "One Greenway" building/phase...
I think we are conceding that each of these building projects may be spaced out by a couple of years (if we're lucky enough that they all even get built). It's conceivable that this tower will open for business before ground is even broken on the office tower.

In some ways, maintaining the Bulfinch Crossing overall thread, and launching sub-threads for the different towers, is like maintaining the "Seaport Innovation District" thread and launching sub-threads for the individual parcels.

I dunno - I'm in support. It would be nice (wishfully) to track the Pelli office tower happenings separately.
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