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Re: East Boston Developments

Originally Posted by datadyne007 View Post
I like it. The twist on the brick rowhouse in front is modern & clean. I also think the corrugated metal on the back will look pretty nice and give that facade some depth.
First project in my neighborhood (Orient Heights) that I can think of where the developer actually hired an architect. Other proposals further up Saratoga Street are absolute rubbish.

Originally Posted by dshoost88 View Post
If it is indeed corrugated metal, it's at least consistent with the other buildings along Addison Street and Rt. 1A (i.e. industrial, warehouse). Combined with the other materials, I think this'll be a cool spot. Helpful marketing-wise that it's immediately next door to a Planet Fitness.
Agreed on the industrial vibe, and the contextual scale. The juxtaposition of new construction bordering public housing and a busy stree lined with multi-family homes will be...interesting.

I get my sweat on at that particular Planet Fitness; the folks who can fork over the loot to live here might find the gritty urban vibe of this location not to their taste.
This discussion has gone on far too long. Someone might wander by and get the impression that this is an architecture forum.

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