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Re: 111 Federal St. | Formerly Trans National Place (Winthrop Square) Part 2

so, we can't build an iconic + tall tower in Downtown Boston (MT notwithstanding) on a site perfectly suited for it, because we're too desperate for a few dollars despite that 1 build site does not a real estate market make, sales, or tax revenue $$$.

(Boston) is infested with nimby bastards, and insane activists that pressured the BPDA into going for a compromised tower plan and the 2nd worst crap turd design of the lot. They said, "let's do something great here," ...and it ends with the .gov caving to the Ghost of Kressel.... all because we couldn't attract more than 1 player deemed trustworthy enough to deliver.

the render below should have been built 825', complete with it's slender shadow sweeping over the Common/PG in the fall/winter/spring months.

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