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Re: Fenway Center (One Kenmore) | Turnpike PARCEL 7, Beacon Street | Fenway

Originally Posted by curcuas View Post
So it can remain vacant tax free parking for a long time. Ugh
Originally Posted by HenryAlan View Post
Depends how Children's is using it, but if they charge employees for parking there, for example, that's considered unrelated business income, and non-profit or not, it's subject to taxation.
The link I posted above that shows parcel ownership also shows assessed value and property taxes:
Originally Posted by JumboBuc View Post
The four parcels that make up that lot are assessed as "Commercial Land" and taxed accordingly ($25.37 annually per $1k of assessed value). By my calculation, that lot is paying a bit over $201k per year in property taxes. Notice that these parcels are owned by "BCH 819 Beacon St LLC" with a mailing address at 300 Longwood Ave (aka Boston Children's Hospital). I don't believe an LLC can be a non-profit. This is in contrast to the actual hospital parcels Children's owns, which appear to be primarily owned by "Children's Hospital Corp" and are listed as "Exempt".

A non-profit can control commercial entities (such as LLCs) within limits. They pay tax on those commercial entities just like any other organization would, including on their land holdings.

And generally: the Boston Assessing Website is really easy to use! There's no need to guess over lot ownership and property taxes; you can look it all up with a simple search! If you don't know the exact parcel address, just click around the map! Boston's neighboring cities (Cambridge, Somerville, Brookline, etc.) all have their own versions too.
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