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Re: Reasonable Transit Pitches

Originally Posted by tysmith95 View Post
Back to the Worcester to Kendall/North Station route, I think the short trek from North Station to Kendall would actually be a popular route. Though there are already private busses that serve that need. Still even if it takes the same time I think people prefer trains more than they do buses.
The WOR-NS study answers this.
Originally Posted by Page 57
The new Kendall/MIT station would generate 500 boardings daily and an equal number of alightings: 100 trips between the Kendall Square and the North Station neighborhoods, and 400 trips between the Kendall Square area and points west on the Framingham/Worcester Line.
YMMV on how much up-up-UPside you peg Kendall's near-term growth at, but 100 daily trips is an extremely weak baseline to be starting from. Especially when the estimated demand is nearly all contained during peak-most hours (i.e. bi-directional all-day RER service isn't going to goose it any). You would have to be looking at something that rewrites the whole Urban Ring offering one-seats to all the major line boost that number exponentially.

I know the MBTA is procuring on a new drawbridge to help out North Station, could more modern switches speed up the approach to North Station a little bit too?
7 minutes between Kendall and NS. That isn't going to change much more than insignificant seconds inside of the margin-of-error.

Kendall Station has a small but immovable dwell time of its own because of the DTMF switch that overrides the crossing protection to keep gates open to traffic while the train is safely stopped sandwiched between crossings (otherwise it's gates-down on both crossings during the whole stop). Before the engineer can go, he/she sends a radio ping to 'end' the preemption and trigger gates-down in the travel direction. Then, since these crossings have traffic lights that would be tied into the crossing equipment for priority, there'd be a 6-10 sec. pause while waiting for the traffic lights to flush.

That's a significant blocker to trying to speed things up, because by using the GJ at all you chose to do business with the grade crossings and do all the necessary mitigations for local Cambridge traffic, including peds and buses.

Then you've got the very tight curve at the Fitchburg Line junction knocking speeds down to their most restrictive, with only 3000 ft. after that to rev back up at all before the curve into Tower A's blur of switches. It's not nearly enough running room to recover from the curve. An EMU would pick up a handful more seconds, but you'd still be well inside the schedule margin-of-error and netting 0:00 improvement on the official schedule. That margin-of-error has to cover--above all else--variable platform dwells like 1 random-draw stop being more crowded than usual, or a wheelchair rider needing special-assistance boarding. Unfortunately bumming seconds here and there isn't going to do anything against the dwell MoE unless it starts rounding up to near-minute. There just isn't any place on this particular routing where conditions are favorable enough for long enough to accumulate savings above-and-beyond MoE.
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