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BU Development Thread

From the monthly alumni publication forward-

At 19 and 26 stories this is a substantial project. There are still plans to build two more towers inbetween the ones in this photo.

Student Village 2 Will Add Almost 1,000 Beds to Campus
By Jessica Ullian
An architectural rendering of the Student Village 2 apartments.

An architectural rendering of the Student Village 2 apartments.

The Student Village 2 apartment complex, which will add 962 beds to Boston University's on-campus housing stock, is nearing the end of the city approvals process. The Boston Zoning Commission signed off on the project in early September, and final approvals were expected to follow. Construction is scheduled to begin in early December, and the project should be finished in 2009.

"The city wants us to house a higher percentage of our undergraduate population, and we believe that living on campus is best for the students and the University," says Marc Robillard, director of the Office of Housing. "There's a very strong demand for housing." This semester, nearly 600 students are living in the Hyatt Regency and Holiday Inn, hotels BU uses to accommodate overflow of first-year students.

The new building, designed by the architectural firm Cannon Design, will be located behind Agganis Arena and is intended to offset the increasing need for apartment-style housing that appeals to sophomores, juniors, and seniors. The building consists of two towers ? one of nineteen stories with eight-person suites and one of twenty-six stories with four-person apartments. The suites will have four single and two double bedrooms, with a shared living room/kitchen and two bathrooms; the apartments will be similar to some of those at 10 Buick Street, with four single bedrooms and two baths.

Campus housing currently includes Warren Towers and other large, traditional dorms and the small residence halls in Bay State Road rowhouses. "We need to give students some variety," says Dean of Students Kenneth Elmore. "It's helpful for us to add several types of housing."

Approximately 11,200 BU undergraduates, some 76 percent of the undergraduate population, live in campus housing. With the new building, that number will rise to 80 percent. Ultimately, Robillard says, the University would like to be able to house 85 percent of its undergraduates, and both University President Robert A. Brown and Boston Mayor Thomas Menino (Hon.'01) support the effort.

"Living on campus improves the educational experience for everyone," says Robillard. "I think as the campus has developed, especially with the Fitness and Recreation Center, students want to be part of the action. There's much more gravitational pull."

"For a university to have its scholars nearby adds to our reputation," adds Elmore. "It's one of those subtle things that enriches us."

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