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Re: Portland, ME - New Construction Continued

Originally Posted by Dr. StrangeHat View Post
Yeah, I think someone may have posted that one a little while back (maybe you? I can't remember). I'm curious about the massings attached to the back of that potential building, since nothing exists there today. I wonder if they are an extension of the building, just not designed yet, or if they are just rough massings for additional potential development on the property? that whole lot is about 2.3 acres, so you can fit something of scale there. I believe it's also zoned for height.
Maybe student housing? USM is in the process of demolishing some of their older dorm facilities in Gorham

and they've stated their desire to create more student living options in Portland, I think as of right now they're leasing space in Bayside Village to solve their campus housing shortage (I feel bad for the students who have to suffer through that experience)
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