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Re: What to do about the NEAQ?

i am not for the Wharf-- Aquarium Expansion up above.
Maybe just upgrade or redo the entire Aquarium inside and out. Enlighten the area.
IMAX scenario is a disaster. Hopefully they can try to move this underground in the future. (Maybe Chiofaro can throw them bone)

At this point the BRA (City) needs to come to grips to get something done for this location.
This AREA is a disgrace to Greenway, Taxpayers and the city of Boston. The taxpayers have dumped Billions into the Big Dig and leaving this CONCRETE BLOCK on the Edge of the Greenway blocking any sight of the water is unacceptable.

The developer is not asking for anything substantial for this location 1.2Million square feet:
Proposing--a 600ft building is not asking much in my opinion for the amount of risk they are taking especially for a centrally located above garage that is depressing the area to the extreme which will only improve & increase foot traffic in this area

Also HARBOR TOWERS pool area should become public access by eminent domain. This is blocking pedestrians access routes from the Greenway to the Waterfront.
There has been to much tax money dumped into the Big Dig to create the Greenway to connect to the waterfront only to benefit a few hundred residents compared to the overall taxpayers in Mass.

The BRA (Needs to bring people together now)
The Developer
The Aquarium (Need to prep themselves for something in the future) The garage is a negative effect on the city street-life.
Harbor Towers
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