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Re: What to do about the NEAQ?

Originally Posted by TheRifleman View Post
So at this point the NEAQ should never try to upgrade their headquarters because they got burnt in the past. Let's get something straight CHIOFARO bought garage almost 10+ years ago. Both the developer and the BRA wanted the garage developed.

What strategies have the NEAQ been preparing for assuming the garage will be rebuilt over the last 10years. Besides be vocally against the garage being developed. So they would rather nothing change than the entire area more vibrant.

My point is maybe the NEAQ board of directors need to look into the mirror and hire competent deal makers that know how to hold people accountable to get what they want.
Change is always coming and you need to either prepare or embrace it or you end up holding a bag full of nothing.
I know...why won't they just lead, huh?! Everyone's been sitting there twiddling their thumbs for 10 straight years, including the billionaire and the civic eggheads whose whole existence it is to cut deals to build things. It's unconscionable that the Aquarium hasn't cupped the hands of every limp body in the room into a grip position, physically dragged them across the table, swung the bodies around like a ragdoll into making a handshake, dragged them on their backs outside, then staged a golden shovel photo-op that goes off perfectly until zany slapstick breaks out. It happens that way all the time in the movies!

Aquarium, I am dissapoint you didn't move heaven and earth for me.
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