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Re: What to do about the NEAQ?

Originally Posted by TheRifleman View Post
So at this point the NEAQ should never try to upgrade their headquarters because they got burnt in the past. Let's get something straight CHIOFARO bought garage almost 10+ years ago. Both the developer and the BRA wanted the garage developed.
What strategies have the NEAQ been preparing for assuming the garage will be rebuilt over the last 10years. Besides be vocally against the garage being developed. So they would rather nothing change than the entire area more vibrant.

My point is maybe the NEAQ board of directors need to look into the mirror and hire competent deal makers that know how to hold people accountable to get what they want.
NEAQ has done a great job keeping its head above water and has managed some expansions and upgrades along the way. It is still a top tourist and family destination. You are just sore because they are being realistic about what the loss of parking actually means. Cars are the primary form of transportation and they need a place to be parked.
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