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Re: Lynnfield to Peabody trail

Originally Posted by ceo View Post
That path would be a lovely thing if it was connected through, but crossing Rte 1 is going to be a bit of an issue.
I have gradually come to the conclusion that a road diet on Route 1 is likely the right solution here. Less than half a mile to the south of that potential trail crossing, southbound Route 1 narrows to a single lane just before merging with two lanes from I-95. If you move the merge down to a single lane to just north of the crossing, and turn the left lanes of route 1 at the crossing into island space for cyclists, and narrow the single travel lanes to 10' at the crossing, and set a suitably slow speed limit on Route 1 at the crossing, and perhaps add flashing lights that bicyclists can hit a button to activate, the crossing will probably work out OK.
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