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Re: Biking the Boston 'Burbs (Trails, MDC, & Towns beyond Hubway area)

Originally Posted by JeffDowntown View Post
I don't know how this has worked out in the US, but in China these stationless rentals have become an enormous nuisance in most major cities. Bikes randomly abandoned all over public spaces and private property. Huge pushback is ensuing.
Worcester just launched a dockless system with Ofo this weekend:
Bike-sharing company ofo puts 400 bicycles in Worcester: Here's how you can rent one for $1 an hour
The China-based company officially launched in Worcester on Thursday, unloading 200 of their iconic yellow bikes on the Common...
For the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce, which last year prioritized bike-sharing as a needed Worcester amenity, the ofo move is a big win because the city won't have to pay for any infrastructure.
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