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Re: Biking the Boston 'Burbs (Trails, MDC, & Towns beyond Hubway area)

Originally Posted by FK4 View Post
This is a bit of an aside, but over the past two years I've visited Hudson on the way back from apple picking and it's really blowing up - lots of new small businesses, and young people everywhere in them; the main street (which is Main St) has seriously revitalized over the past 10 years but accelerated over the past 2 and remarkably so. I'm not really sure what's driving this since Hudson is pretty remote. It might just be 495 businesses and people getting priced out of the city and deciding to live in an affordable revitalizing mill town. Anyway, the Assabet Trail runs right through town, but if they ever get the Mass Central laid out, it would be a pretty be HUGE for Hudson. Worth checking out.
I grew up in Lancaster (2 towns over from Hudson) and the transformation has been incredible. They've been doing a lot of road improvements that make getting to downtown from 495 a ton easier. I remember the Assabet Trail took forever to finish over on the east side of town due to reconstructing an old bridge. Ive never rode it myself but hear good things. If you ever have time, I would recommend the Rail Trail Flat Bread Company on Main, delicious!
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