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Re: Biking the Boston 'Burbs (Trails, MDC, & Towns beyond Hubway area)

Input wanted on new Weston rail trail

Before long, Weston will have a brand new recreation area that, if well designed, will be enjoyed by lots of Weston residents doing lots of different things.

Yes, Weston will soon have a Rail Trail, a multi-use paved path, 10 feet wide, along the 100-foot-wide abandoned right-of-way of the defunct Central Massachusetts Railroad. Think of this as a long, thin recreational park.


RTAC verified that portions of the right-of-way currently used by equestrians could continue to be used in that manner after the new trail is in place.

RTAC has overseen a preliminary engineering study of a tunnel under Conant Road, where the trail route is currently blocked. It is also starting to consider how the trail should be continued to the Waltham border, a distance under a quarter mile.
The article has no mention of NIMBY opposition, but given that it's Weston there must be some grumbling about this, no?

Given the progress of Waltham's Wayside trail and possibly the Belmont Community Path, this could be a really long and nifty corridor.
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