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Re: Biking the Boston 'Burbs (Trails, MDC, & Towns beyond Hubway area)

Originally Posted by sm89 View Post
I know they were considering Hubway, but have the committed to it?

Does anyone know the status of other municipalities joining the system? I've heard rumors of Newton and Medford over the past few months.

There are a lot of new stations and expansions in the existing towns coming up with the new operating contract they announced a month or so ago. I wonder if they are waiting for this to happen first?
The town of Arlington has not had any official progress since January (when Hubway was the leading contender and they were seeking community input)

I could see Medford begging Somerville to put a station at the Medford Whole Foods (part of the parking lot is in Somerville), but I think Medford has its hands full getting the Clippership Connector built (along the Mystic on City/State property)


Medford has a couple of complete streets pilot projects. One of them would add a bike lane to inbound Boston Ave in West Medford (pointing towards Tufts) when the street undergoes and upcoming repaving. This is a bigger political deal (progress) given that Medford has
precious few bike lanes on its own streets (a tiny strip from Winchester to the High School where the thermoplastic crumbled off within 1 season) and few even on DCR roads (there's one on the Fellsway West where it is not near anyone's homes)

The other item that the Mayor is working on is cobbling together city & foundation money to build the Clippership Conector along land that is in various (but friendly) hands (DCR, MassDOT, City, & City Housing Auth)
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