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Originally Posted by Justin7 View Post

Free to Play for a few days, but you'll probably end up buying it.
I have it, and I also have a few expansion packs. It's honestly the best city builder since SimCity 4, in large part due to the sheer volume of custom content out there. The sheer variety of transportation infrastructure included in the game is staggering, as is the size of the maps and the freeform nature of placing it (think: curved roads with development that hugs it, irregular street grits, etc).

The "building styles" feature is something SC4 dabbled with, but CS has perfected. This gives you the ability to create super unique and distinct neighborhoods. I have a city with dense, low-rise Brooklyn style buildings interspersed with some high-rise commie blocks, and an "Old Town" with a dense, irregular street grid full of Baroque residences and retail centered around a cobblestone square in front of the Parish Church of St. Anne (Busdapest). Of course, the maps can be huge, so I also have classic American suburbs and even farmland well outside of the city center. It's the most realistic city builder I've played (if you want it to be). I just wish I could get my regional rail network to be a bit more efficient.

Definitely checkout the Cities Skylines Reddit for inspiration:
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