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Re: Portland Bayside

Originally Posted by cneal View Post
^ A six-story building is the tallest you can build while still using wood-frame construction (for now, anyhow), which is far cheaper per square foot than steel-framed construction. In Bayside, there are also lousy soils that require expensive pile-driving for anything taller than ~4 stories, in most cases, so that's an additional factor. Steel-framed Franklin Towers went up when federal subsidies were still generous.

For now, it's still easier to find empty lots than it is to finance a steel-framed building, so affordable housing developers (and most market-rate builders, too) are generally building in the 4-6 story range.
Know all about it. I'm a partner in a high tech 5 story planned to go up soon. Yes, generally speaking, 6 story the cap on wood (though Scandinavians have a fix for that) but higher offsets the steel costs with more units, so more profit on the project. It's a bigger outlay, but very doable if you put in the effort. And for soil, no problem building the 10 story Intermed bldg. or planning the four 15 story "towers" on the Federated project. The real reason is Avesta doesn't want the hassle of the neighborhood opposition, because for some reason Mainers think that anything tall means they will then multiply like rabbits, which is a dumb mindset to have (therefore, becoming like Boston). The end result of this wimping out is still a lot more people without housing, and many Portlanders with property don't seem to mind because their property values will remain higher, rather than go down with increased competition. Every city in the world builds higher to fix this problem, except Portland, Maine.

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