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Re: Portland Bayside

Sorely needed, more Avesta housing. Was at the new 4 story Passive House unveiling across the street from the project proposal and the housing authority rep lamented the fact they should be building more units. He said they have over 7,000 people on the waiting list! What is the BFD about building something taller? In 1960's PHA built 16 story Franklin "Towers." Why not double this 6 story height to 12 or 14 stories? So many more people could get an affordable apt. It's the Maine way, that's why, and that way is to do things half-ass, half way. Hate that mindset. It's weak, lame, looser. Like the new civic center. They can't have some shows because ceiling too low and capacity too small. Come on, will somebody grow some b-a-l-l-s here. The city is growing, not shrinking.
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