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Re: Street Name Etymology

A belated answer to the question of Mass Ave:

Originally Posted by Arlington View Post
So have Boston/Camb/Arlington(then W. Cambridge)/Lexington always agreed on its name, or was "Mass Ave" overlaid on a patchwork of local names, like when Middlesex Turnpike's franchise expired? Or as a nod to DC's Mass Ave, perhaps upon return from the Civil War (that's when and how Arlington (town) got its name).
The name was overlaid on local streets (see below) in 1894. Based on WardMaps and Wikipedia, here are the former streets most recently preceding the renaming:

South of Harrison: East Chester Park
Harrison-Shawmut: Chester Park
Shawmut-Tremont: Chester Square
North of Tremont: West Chester Park

South of Lafayette Square: Front Street
Lafayette Square-Harvard Street: Main Street
North of Harvard Square: North Avenue

Border to border: Arlington Avenue

South of the Common: Main Street
North of the Common: Monument Street

This Cambridge Chronicle article from 1920 has more information (along with info on many other streets in the city).
More information on Mass Ave in Boston.
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