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Re: New Brighton Landing | New Balance Complex

That render shows what seems to be an unrealistic amount of high-end street life for that area. Not a huge issue, but it makes it look like a CBD.

I notice on Google Maps that WEEI is headquartered right there these days. Are they a part of this? They might be interested in working their operation in somehow - an open studio, perhaps, a la ESPNZone in NY?

In fact, if NB and Boston get really serious about this, they could try to buy some of those parcels along N. Beacon street and get Kraft to build his soccer stadium there. Rail and highway access, a major athletics company world HQ, a sports complex with an MLS stadium (and concerts, etc.), a high-end hotel AND a major sports media presence would make this the kind of entertainment hub we've long believed would be great next to the Garden.
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